Phosphate fertilizers

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Phosphorus fertilizers play a very important role in the life of plants, because phosphorus is a part of various plant compounds. It participates an important role in formation processes of fruits, bulbs, root crops, contributes to the economical use of water. If plants receive normal phosphorus nutrition, the yield increases. The taste of vegetables, chemical composition also improves, and the content of sugars increases in fruits. Phosphorus actively accelerates the maturation of fruits. The need for such substances especially increases with sufficient supply of plants with nitrogen.

Providing plants with phosphorus fertilizers from the beginning of vegetation is extremely important for the growth, development of plants and the formation of crops, although the greatest absorption occurs in the period of intensive growth of vegetative organs. Great importance is the sufficient supply of plants with such substances also in the period of the formation of reproductive organs – their formation and maturation of plants is accelerated, the yield and its quality are increased.

But the abuse of plant nutrition with these fertilizers is also harmful. Only the correct application of phosphorus compounds will give a good result. Proper fertilizers’ application is one of the conditions for high yields obtaining.

Phosphorus fertilizers are necessary for all crops and at all soils. They can be applied in fall under autumn plowing (i.e. under the crops of spring sowing), under the pre-sowing treatment in early spring, during planting and feeding, as they are easily retained by the soil and not washed away.
However, it’s best to apply phosphorus fertilizers in the autumn, since phosphorus is a low-mobility element, poorly soluble in water and it takes a long time to apply it before it reaches the plant roots.