Diamonium phosphate

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Diammonium phosphate (ammonium hydrophosphate – diammophos or DAP) (NH4)2HPO4 is a water-soluble salt formed by the interaction of ammonia and phosphoric acid. It’s a granule of white or gray color, readily soluble in water. It’s physiologically neutral, non-hygroscopic, doesn’t dust and cake.

Diammophos is a universal, non-nitrate, highly concentrated nitrogen-phosphorus fertilizer, in which trace elements are present. The ratio of nitrogen and phosphorus increases the resistance of plants to adverse environmental factors (drought and frost) and diseases. High content of phosphorus contributes to the accumulation of sugar in root crops and fruits.

By the quantitative content of substances in the diammophos it’s a phosphorus-based fertilizer. This makes possible to use it effectively on soils with high acidity, where many other fertilizers are ineffective.

Item Parameter
Total nitrogen, %, not less 18
Mass fraction of total phosphates (Р2О5), %, not less 46
Water content, %, not more 1,0

mass fraction of granules:

less than 1 mm, % 3
from 2 mm to 5 mm, % 95
less than 6 mm
Static strength of granules, MPa (kgs/cm2) 3,0 (30)
Friability, %, not less 100

DAP is a universal fertilizer, suitable for all types of soils, for all crops, green lands, as well as for growing vegetables and gardening. The best results are obtained when it’s used before sowing after mixing with the soil at a depth of about 20 cm. It’s also recommended to use on early spring.

Phosphate type of phosphorus is the most easily digested by soil in case of water deficiency. The use of DAP has become widespread not only in agriculture, but also in the tobacco and food industries, and also as an additive for livestock feeding.